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Full how-to online at

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Coastal California Trip - 1800 photos, One Stand-out

30 seconds, 30 minutes before dawn

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Wantastiquet Mountain struck by Lightning.  How I captured this photo

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Costa Rica! To make up for my lack of recent posts - here is a slideshow of my January trip to Costa Rica & Panama.

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Brattleboro Cheese Shop Christina and I stopped by the new Brattleboro Cheese Shop this afternoon.  We had a lovely chat with the fellow behind the counter- he had just finished griling a grilled cheese and the whole place smelled heavenly.   We didn't have anything on our list when we entered but we left with a Triple Creme and housemade semolina - olive oil crackers.  It all looked delicious and incredibly photogenic, so as we often do - we had to spend a few minutes photographing our treats before eating. 


Delicious Cheese from the Brattleboro Cheese Shop

Delicious cheese from the Brattleboro Cheese Shop

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Horses + Beautiful VT Day = Fun Second year in a row that I have shot the annual Hunter Pace event for the Eddie Farm in Middlebury VT- Gorgeous scenery and what started out as a  gray and cool day turned sunny and well not quite warm but a step above cool.


More photos from the day.

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Breakfast is Best I know that Apogee Catering knows how to cook delicious dinner and dessert spreads but I had no first hand knowledge of their breakfast prowess until photographing the scrumptious and photogenic spread at Elm Court.  

Apogee Catering

Pancakes, French toast and more

Made to order omelettes by Chef David Chef David Flipping an omelette

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Delicious Dinner and Amazing Breakfast with Apogee Catering Everytime I shoot with Apogee Catering I feel seriously lucky - not only do I get to sample pretty much all of the amazing food but the staff, the chefs and Dawn are all just a blast to work with.   What follows is just a very small sampling of shots from a night of stellar work by the Apogee folks.



Feels slightly magical to watch the menu develop over the course of the evening - here we have Honey Lavender Grilled Salmon

A seriously photogenic and delicious appetizer, Carpaccio of Beef with Horseradish Cream (atop edible spoons)

Lavender Lemonade



Petite Sirloin with Wild Mushroom and Madeira Sauce

And a choice of Candy Bar. . .

Or. . .

Cupcakes and other sweet treats

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The Magic of Sunrise & Technology About 1/2 way through Saturday I realized I had never watched a sunrise from a fire tower, seemed like a good thing to check off my list, even if I had only added it moments earlier.  There is a fire tower within 30 minutes drive and 15 minute hike so with camera ready and alarm clock set I went to sleep.   Woke to a cool clear  pre-dawn, a few robins were singing their little hearts out, otherwise it was still.  Slightly underestimated the drive so I ended up jogging the last 10 minutes of the hike, making it to the top of the fire tower just after the horizon had released its grip on the sun. A few high wispy clouds gave the sky some excellent color.  I shot a few frames with the 5D Miii and decided I wanted to share this moment at this moment.  Luckily I almost always keep an eye-fi card in the SD slot of the 5D, Paired it with my smartphone and pzzzt (the sound digital bits make as they fly through the air) they appeared on my phone.  Pressed the share to Facebook and there was this gorgeous shot for all to see.    

Sunrise from a Firetower

Of course with a smart phone with a decent 8MP camera I could of just taken the shot with my phone?  

Sunrise from a firetower by the HTC Rezound Any of the Eye-Fi X2 Cards support direct mode (camera to phone or tablet) no computer necessary.   And I am always happy to answer questions about Eye-Fi cards or any tech really.

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Sometimes The best photos are made before the sun is up

pre sunrise reflection

And sometimes the first rays of the sun make ordinary magical

sunrise through the trees

And one more moment I loved from this morning's photography - Golden Sun on the orange breast of a Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

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Baking We have been doing a bit of baking over the last few months, in fact we haven't bought a loaf of bred from the store since the end of December.   The only problem with baking yummy bread, I feel an irresistible urge to smother fresh hot thick slices in butter.

Fresh Hot Bread

And Christina made bagels

Pile of Bagels

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I love shooting Commencement for Marlboro College It helps that I work there and know many of the students - makes their excitement, relief all the more special





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A weekend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire  

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Plum Island Birding Spent a wonderful weekend wandering around Plum Island and Parker River National Refuge

Snowy Owl 15 minutes after driving onto the refuge we spotted this beautiful Snowy Owl

Northern Harrier This Northern Harrier landed in a tree, later he flew down to the fence, just 20 yards from where we were standing


Cape Neddick ("Nubble") Lighthouse, York, Maine

On the way home we took a quick detour past the Cape Neddick ("Nubble") Lighthouse, York, Maine

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Prints on the wall There are some that say a photograph isn't truly a photograph until it is printed.  I won't go that far but I do encourage you all to make some prints, especially bigger ones of your favorite shots, there is nothing like decorating your rooms with your own work.  Feels good and is a wonderful conversation piece.  I shot this on a back street of New Orleans just about two years ago.


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Burton US Snowboarding Championship Spent a day on the side of the half-pipe at Stratton, VT for the Burton US Snowboarding Championship.  Kelly Clark, Shaun White and a bunch of other snowboards I don't know put on a serious show.  Watching Shaun White launch himself into the blue sky was seriously impressive. 

I love the clouds framing this guy

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Even the dog is similing Even the dog is smiling

I love this shot of my parents and Sheila, even looks like she is smiling, truthfully she had just finished a yawn

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Ring in the New Year With a lovely hike on Mount Washington - this shot was taken from the Tuckerman Ravine Shelter

Mount Washington as seen from Tuckerman Ravine


And lower down the Trail, Crystal Cascade

Crystal Cascade - White Mountains NH

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Delicious Desserts by Beté Avon


Shot for Beté Avon

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Fall in Middleburry Vermont Spent a beautiful fall day photographing horses and their riders at the Eddy Farm School in Middlebury, VT.   

Horse Jumping There is something a bit magical about the power of a horse, watching them effortlessly clear hurdles is exciting.

Gorgeous views in every direction

Fall colors as a backdrop


The complete gallery

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Warfield House with Apogee Catering Another buffet that is out of this world delicious but first. . .

Delicious Appetizers from Apogee Catering Ridiculously delicious and photogenic appetizers including figs in a blanket ;)


Roast Veggies

One of the many dishes  - Roasted Vegetables

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